About Gustavo

Gustavo Blachman was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Traveled the world and resided in New York, Los Angeles, and Paris during his youth years, learning along the way multiple languages and developing a comprehensive view of the global world and its different cultures.

Gustavo and his Wife Marina moved permanently to Aventura, Florida in 1995 with his then two children, (Matias and Thomas) and in 1997 he initiated a successful career in Real Estate.

Gustavo is an avid sports fan and enjoys tennis, hockey, music, and loves to cook. He enjoys time home with his son Mati and wife Michelle and two grandsons Liam and Alan and spends his free time traveling to visit Thomas in Melbourne, Fl with a career in Aerospace Engineering, Visiting Nico, Sarah and Ella Sofia and attending Nicholas’s ice hockey games, and attending performances by his daughter Mia together with his wife Marina Blachman.

"I love my four children and 3 grandchildren and spend as much time as I can with them"


Gustavo hopes to serve the Aventura community in the City Commission providing his work ethic, interest in public service, and family values to improve the "City of Excellence".