The City Commission plays an important role in shaping the policies governing our city and exploring the need for the betterment of existing projects.



Aventura City

Seat 1

Gustavo Blachman Portrait

My name is Gustavo Blachman, an Aventura resident for 28 years, married to Marina Blachman, and parent to Matias, Thomas, Nicholas, and Mia Valentina and grandparent to Liam, Alan and Ella Sofia.

I am pleased to announce that I am running for Aventura City Commissioner, seat number 1.

My goal

Since the inception of the City of Aventura in 1995, each year, demographics have changed, and traffic has increased!

It is very important for us to address,  education, safety, traffic, community involvement, and redevelopment.




Fiscal Responsibility


My goal is to continue and enhace the vision of excellence which our founding fathers conceived, and continue the hard work of our past and present commissions. I will contribute fresh ideas to improve our community and our city.


I endorse Gustavo Blachman for Aventura Commissioner. 
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Enid Weisman Former Mayor, City of Aventura

Dear Gustavo,

I am delighted to give you my endorsement and good luck.

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Jeffrey Perlow Former Mayor, City of Aventura

Dear Gustavo,

 It's my pleasure to endorse you,

Gustavo Blachman, candidate for Aventura City Commission, Seat 1.

Kind Regards,

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Amit Bloom Vice Mayor CITY OF AVENTURA

Yes Gustavo- you have my endorsement.  Good luck!!! 

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Rachel Saltzman Friedland City of Aventura Commissioner